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Some Important Articles on Other Websites

Paula King is a leader in the industry that helps traditional naturopaths resolve problems they have with license boards and government agencies. What she says on her website is based on her personal experiences as a mediator since 1998.

NTCRS has been a leader in the same industry since 1993. What they publish is wise counsel that we believe every traditional naturopath should read and understand.

Private Health Associations created TNEAA for traditional naturopaths through their subsidiary Natural Therapies Associations. The article entitled Private Associations Synopsis explains the protection you have from harassment by state and provincial license boards and federal agencies as a member of TNEAA.

Classical Homeopaths face many of the same problems facing our industry. Many naturopaths also use homeopathic remedies. If you use homeopathic remedies, it may help to know what's happening to that industry.

The NTCW Network has a number of good articles to help naturopaths thrive in a hostile environment.

Naturopath Coach offers special pricing for our members to become a coach and considerably decrease their insurance premiums.