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Benefits of Membership

TNEAA membership is available to properly credentialed traditional naturopaths in the USA. Canadian tradtitional naturopaths may contact us for a free consultaion with our naturopath expert.

You're not a traditional naturopath? See Our List of Sister Organizations for an association serving your profession. Medical Naturopaths are welcome at the Medical Biofeedback Association and the Nutrition and Health Medical Education Association.

Benefits For All TNEAA Members


All members are entitled to wholesale pricing for their professional and general liability insurance. Non-members will pay considerably more.

Please read the article on What You Need to Know About Insurance.

Then check out our excellent group insurance rates for the USA.

Insurance For Americans

Great Newsletter:

All members are entitled to receive Natural Therapies News, a monthly current events newsletter for alternative, holistic, integrative and natural health, nutrition, therapies and wellness professions.

All members are entitled to enroll in all "free" webinars and courses -- which are announced in NTA Newsletter. "Free" means members get in free. All others pay.

Free and Inexpensive Web Services:

1. Free Web Building Software and Training

You are entitled to free web building software and training by videos and articles to build your own personal website. You can teach yourself how to build and manage a professional website. Please read Modern Marketing 101 for more insights about building your business in today's economy.

2. You will also receive a deeply discounted price by hiring IPX Services to build your website for you.

Contact IPX Services

3. If you would like a pre-built template to create your website, IPX Services has some very well designed templates that are easy to use. You are entitled to one free template for each website you build.

IPX Services Network

IPX Services Organization

4. If you require a banner for your website, IPX Banners offers a large selection at special reduced pricing for members.


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Benefits For Associate Members

In addition to the above benefits, you will also receive the following benefits:

Your Fans (Endorsements) Website:

5. We will register your own protected, confidential, guaranteed and private URL (domain name) through Secret Registrations so you can build a promotional website to say things about you that you can't say.

Unlimited Web Hosting Package:

6. IPX Services will host your website on their secure servers as a benefit of your Associate or Professional Membership. You will have unlimited storeage (memory) and bandwidth (visitors and downloads).

You may host additional websites for $25.00 a year that normally cost $24.95 and up per month. You may also get these websites certified for no additional fee.

Get Your Website Certified:

7. When your website is completed we will visit your website, read it, identify any problems you might have with license boards and explain how you can avoid those problems.

8. Then we will obtain certification services for your website through Authenticity Verified at no additional cost to you.

See the Certificate of Authenticity at the bottom of this page.

Just let them know when you're ready by e-mailing David and placing TNEAA in the subject line. Then place the address for your website in the message area.

You'll Love What Web Certification Does For You

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Professional Members

All Professional Members receive all of the benefits listed above, and...

Your Own Private Membership Association:

9. We will register your private membership association in North Carolina and obtain your nonprofit, tax exempt status for all income derived from coaching, demonstrating, educating, empowering, instructing, mentoring, supervising, teaching and training your clients to be fully responsible for their own health, nutrition and wellness.

We will even file your annual report to the IRS for you.

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Additional Benefits for Lifetime Professional Members

10. Your Lifetime Membership is just that -- no additional fees for as long as you or your heirs run your business. Other membership classifications will go up in price with the economy -- Lifetime Memberships are prepaid and cannot be assessed.

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